Tashi Choling's Buildings Remain Closed For Now

We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation locally here in Jackson County as well as in our neighboring Siskiyou County. We have been consulting with medical professionals and are tracking risk assessment tools. Our goal is to reopen the Temple and East Wing for sangha and visitors when we feel the risk is low enough.

As of this time, the outside temple grounds are open for visits by individuals or small groups of friends and family. Please feel free to come out and do korwa at the Vajrasattva Statue Garden, Guru Rinpoche Pavilion, and Vimalamitra building. You may also use the restroom and water in the barn-shaped building near the Cottage (formerly known as the Mousehouse).

Please note that the East Wing and the Temple remain closed to all visitors for the time being. We will update this page as we have more information to share.

In the meantime, we hope everyone will continue to join us for online practices. To read Rinpoche’s recent message encouraging us to continue attending practices (click here). Also, here is the page with the Zoom link and all other info you need for our monthly practices (click here).

May the sufferings of this pandemic ease throughout our struggling world, and may practitioners soon be able to once again assemble to practice in sacred spaces! May there be benefit and auspiciousness for all, and may all disease, danger and strife be swiftly dispelled!

The Tashi Choling Board (Sangye, Samantha, Mimi, Tony, Lee, and Lisbeth)

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